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driving with the kids July 30,2014

Here we are.  My family.  At a red light.  I turn my head because I hear them laughing with each other and smiles for all 3; which is not always the case when you are working with 3 kids that are 4 years and under!  This momma was well pleased and snapped a pic!

These moments I like to take in.   And even take a breath.  PauseRest.

Breathing in this sweet moment makes the other no-so-pleasant moments-memorable.  You know, those moments when everyone is crying in the car (including the momma) and I wonder if life will ever be ”normal’ again?  Whatever ‘normal’ really is?  I mean, the more I read and learn.  The more I am realizing that everyone’s life is not going the way they thought it would go.

Was I in some kind of time-trap before my late husband got cancer?  For most of my life, everything about my life was pretty much simple.  I mean I had troubles but nothing like major or didn’t really hear much about major suffering or even much about cancer.  Well, I take that back.   I guess two early on miscarriages is not so little.  That part was painful.   But really though, a pretty sheltered life in general.

And then BANG.  December 29th, 2012 was the hard day my sweet Marky got diagnosed with brain cancer.  Life got way more complicated and complex then I ever dare dreamed.

So something I have learned since that sorrowful day back a year and half ago+ is to take in the little moments.  Remember & be in the moments that make you smile.  This brings me back to the other day in the car when I took this little picture.

Friends, let’s treasure the little momentsLife really is more about living in the moment then jumping to next year’s trouble.  Each day really does have enough trouble of it’s own (Matthew 6:34).  This is something that I will forever be changed by thanks to my sweet Marky.  He really learned the art of living in Today.  And by God’s grace, I want to do the same and teach these precious littles what their daddy profoundly taught me by his example.

This doesn’t mean that my thoughts don’t jump to next month, next year or heck even 5 years from now.  Scary-Yes!  Yet, when it does I can wheel myself back to the truth that the Lord has all those days too.  My tomorrow is not mine.  It never did belong to me.  I was bought with a price.  And I’m okay with that.  The pressure is off me.  My future is set and planned by my kind and loving Father who is releasing me from the burdens of worry and anxiety.  What grace!  What rest!

We only have today.  Nothing is a guarantee for tomorrow.  Let’s make the most of this moment right now.  All for God’s glory! 

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