We Delight in The Lord

May 7, 2014 by 21 Comments

We had a very nice vacation in Florida – thanks so much to all of you who helped make this possible and for praying for us during our travels.  God sustained us the entire time.  Mark was most comfortable in the pool, so we did some swimming and that will always be a sweet memory.  We also went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and saw a lot of the attractions we saw when we honeymooned in Florida almost five years ago.  Mark’s body is weak so I pushed him through the park in a wheelchair.  There was a constant reminder that the cancer was still there, but Mark reminded me that for most people, Disney was the happiest place on earth, but Praise God, Heaven awaits us all and that is where we will rejoice forever with Jesus, no more pain, no more sorrow!


Mark’s parents and sister, Rebecca were so great with the kids while we were away.  Also, our dear Mike and Patti Withers & Kristy Fletcher loved on our children and helped my in laws.   Such generous family and friends!  We even came home to a clean house and car.  We are so appreciative of their love for our kids!   I’ve been catching up on giggles with these three cuties and now that the weather is warming up, we’re spending a lot of time in our backyard enjoying the sunshine (and bubbles, of course).

Molly, 4 years.


Henry, 2 years.


Oakley, 1 year.


Mark’s body is continuing to decline.  He is feeling more pain and weakness.  As hard as it is to see him hurting, the permanence of him leaving this earth is equally painful.  I know that feeling too well as this will be my first Mother’s Day without my momma.  I’m so thankful that the Lord is sustaining Mark and I both and that even in this season of deep sorrow, I can see Him caring for the details of life in such a personal way.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers, I am thankful for the large Body of Believers that are supporting our family.  “But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.  I cried aloud to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy hill.” Psalm 3:3-4


We called Hospice to help manage Mark’s pain and discomfort level.  It was clear to all of us that it was time to call for them to start helping my Marky.  It is super sobering to have to call them in for your own husband!  I never thought this would be what the Lord had planned for me, my man, my family.  Yet His ways are way higher and wiser than our ways.  We read Psalm 119 on our honeymoon 5 years ago when we were in Disney.  This time when we looked at it, 5 years later, how much more precious it was!  And clearly the Lord has drawn us near to Him and giving us a Hope that only is secure in Christ Jesus!  This verse is so fitting for me.  If His Word had not been my delight, I would perish in my affliction.  For the floods feel like they are rising over my head!  Yet, nonetheless, the Lord has poured out His grace and has made His word my hope because on every page of the Bible points me to my beautiful, suffering Savior.  For Jesus loves me.  He loves Mark.  He loves our children.  And He is soon calling my husband home to be with Him forever!  Now that is lavish love from the Lord!  Mark is asking the Lord to take him home.  Please continue to pray with us, our 3 children!   Pray we will finish well together, for God’s great glory!  We are continually grateful for every prayer prayed in faith!  For surely, God is the lifter of my head!  And He will continue to remember His covenant to His children forever.



21 Responses to “We Delight in The Lord”
  1. Ali says:

    I loved each of these beautiful verses! Thanks Anna for sharing them!

    I am so thankful to all the wonderful friends and dear family that made this Disney trip possible! It’s easy God’s kindness to you and Mark in the generosity of so many believers who made this trip happen! We pray for Mark daily! We love your sweet family so much!!

    Love, Ali

  2. Dave Lewis says:

    I know I’m partial, you being my daughter influences my heart, but allow me to say that your continued courage and faith supplies us all! We all attempt to walk through life trying to wear a Teflon coating — there’s no real help in that. It’s only when the Teflon is stripped away that we can find true help, hope, and a future…. none of which originates from us, or comes through our efforts! Thanks for being an example of genuine transparency! Your Mother would continue to be very proud of you, pointing the way to a personal relationship with the One (our living Lord) where real hope and peace is found. Our prayer for you, Mark and your three precious children continues!

  3. Mindy Christensen says:

    Blessings on you, Anna! Thanks for your example in loving Jesus, your husband and your family so well. My prayers are with you. May you know His love, care, comfort, and peace in an overwhelming way.

  4. Nathan says:

    I wish we had had a chance to chat even for a few minutes when we were down in April. I am moved, inspired and terrified by the road you guys are on right now. So thankful for your testimony in the midst of this.

    Thanks so much for sharing this blog. Love and prayers from the Fullerton’s (North :)

  5. Raylene Hoxey says:


    I remember a day many years ago when Steve and I were in the same journey, you said I was such a strong woman. That strength came and continues to come from The Lord. I see that grace and strength in each of your posts. You are a woman walking a very difficult road with the Lord’s strength. Praying for you and Mark in these days. Cherish each moment and hold them in your heart for it is on that gift from The Lord that you will find healing and peace in the days to come.

  6. Gayleen Montgomery says:

    Thank you, Anna for the beautiful update and continued sharing of your heart,
    your hopes, fears, and deep faith in our Lord’s plans.
    My heart breaks for your impending grief when you must
    say goodbye to your precious Marky. But that deep and abiding love
    also gives you the ability to find immeasurable joy in his future;
    going home at last. I will continue to pray for all
    of you as you finish this leg of the race together as a beautiful family
    in God’s own special design.❤️

  7. Love and prayers for you, Anna and Mark….thank you for sharing your journey with us and pointing us to Christ. Our hope is in Him. I love the sweet pics of your little ones and their beautiful smiles.
    You are lifted up in prayer in Lubbock, Texas….
    hugs from us.

  8. Alba says:

    Anna, there is nothing I can say or do, that could help you, I am like Job’s friend when they first went to visit him. But as Christ suffer true deep pain to glorify his father, all I can see is this here… with sorrow… Let Him be glorify… I love you Anita. Praying, crying, hoping what it’s unspeakable.

  9. Kathleen says:

    Although I do not know you (saw a friend we have in common post this blog for prayer for you), I just want to say thank you for sharing this entry. I can not even imagine how I would respond in a similar situation, but I fear it would not be with the grace and trust in our Lord that you are showing. I am humbled by your faith. Truely. I have been married almost 7 years…have bore three children as well…and have never been able to spend time with my husband as he is gone Monday – Friday. I have found myself complaining and not being grateful…and here you are…in a situation far worse than my own…and praising the Lord for his mercy. Bless you — really…your attitude and faith are inspiring. Shouldn’t we all rejoice through our trials, and yet, we all too often wallow in self pitty and despair. You are a testamony of how the Lord can provide all the strengh you need. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I will be praying for you in these days to come…and for your little ones too who may not understand. God is working some great things already through this as even this post is working on my heart.

  10. Bob S says:

    Dear Anna and Mark,

    May God give you peace of mind, heart, and soul as you prepare for Mark’s journey home to the Lord. Those left behind will shed tears of grief and sorrow, but Mark will Glory with the Lord! May the wings of the Holy Spirit wrap around you and hold you tight during this difficult time. May the love and prayers of many lift you up on angels’ wings! Christ’s Peace be with you!

  11. Iverson Warinner says:

    As I continue to read of the constancy of your struggles, I can only be reminded of the constancy of God’s unconditional love for all His children. I pray that God’s strength continues to course through your bodies and give both of you abundant power to deal with the inevitability of what will come. My prayers, my heart, and my abundant faith in God’s promise of an eternity with him, devoid of pain and sorrow is lived through you. You continue to be a testament to the faith that binds the community of His believers. May your days ahead be full of happiness and a ray of sunshine for us all.

  12. Billy Crutcher says:

    I am just now finding out this news on Mark. I know that everybody knows this but Mark is one great guy. I had the fortune of being in drama with him at Saint X amongst other things. He was a character and funny and great with wit and just making people laugh and by the looks of it, is still doing it. I don’t know about his dance moves currently, but he had them back in “the good old days.” There are several stories I could share, but some of them I don’t think we want record of. Haha.

    Anna, thank you for sharing this. I don’t think you realize how this has moved myself and several others just by telling a story. My prayers go out to you, Mark, and your beautiful family. On Facebook, there is a St. X class of 97 group and we are all thinking about you guys. Later on!

  13. Heather says:

    Wow, Anna. Thank you so much for keeping us updated about your family and for being so open about sharing your sorrows and your comforts in Christ with us! Even in the midst of deeply grieving for the pain and suffering that you are enduring in this season, I find myself praising the Lord for mercifully granting you both incredible faith and joy in persevering, grace by his Spirit to delight in Jesus our Hope, and the certain promise that Mark has an eternity of unending joy to look forward to with our Lord. Your testimony and Mark’s are a precious gift and example to the body and to me personally! So thankful for you and how God’s grace overflow is overflowing in your lives to everyone around you. Love you both and wish I could be near you during these hard days.

  14. DJ says:

    You have a beautiful family. Prayers and love your way. You’re a beast.

  15. Anne Buzzy (Jessica Kan's mom) says:

    Dearest Anna and Mark,

    Our family has been praying for you nightly since the diagnosis. We continue to pray and have asked other siblings-in-Christ here in Lynchburg to pray. This evening, as I was driving home from visiting a 96-year-old sister-in-Christ, with whom I got to talk about Heaven the joy of knowing we’ll get to see each other on the ‘other side,’ this song came on the radio. I’ve heard it many times before, worshiping the Lord as I’ve listened, but I ‘heard’ it for the first time tonight, in a much more personal way and thought immediately of you, Mark. Take a few moments to listen, really listen to the words, and worship Him Who is Risen:

    “I Will Rise,” by Chris Tomlin (lyrics below)


    There’s a peace I’ve come to know
    Though my heart and flesh may fail
    There’s an anchor for my soul
    I can say, it is well

    Jesus has overcome
    And the grave is overwhelmed
    The victory is won
    He is risen from the dead

    And I will rise when He calls my name
    No more sorrow, no more pain
    I will rise on eagle’s wings
    Before my God fall on my knees
    And rise, I will rise

    There’s a day that’s drawing near
    When this darkness breaks to light
    And the shadows disappear
    And my faith shall be my eyes

    Jesus has overcome
    And the grave is overwhelmed
    The victory is won
    He is risen from the dead

    And I will rise when He calls my name
    No more sorrow, no more pain
    I will rise on eagle’s wings
    Before my God fall on my knees
    And rise, I will rise

    And I hear the voice of many angels sing
    Worthy is the Lamb
    And I hear the cry of every longing heart
    Worthy is the Lamb

    And I hear the voice of many angels sing
    Worthy is the Lamb
    And I hear the cry of every longing heart
    Worthy is the Lamb
    (You are worthy, You are worthy)
    Worthy is the Lamb

    I will rise when He calls my name
    No more sorrow, no more pain
    I will rise on eagle’s wings
    Before my God fall on my knees
    And rise, I will rise, I will rise

  16. Shanna Savell says:

    I am so saddened to hear that Mark has declined more, I pray for him, you, and your family everyday. I consider Mark one of my dearest friends, he always brightens up every room he enters. I am so grateful he has such a wonderful person to share his journey with, and such wonderful children. I cannot imagine the pain you and he must be enduring, I only wish I could help lessen it. Please give Mark my love, tell him I think of all of you often and will pray for you every night.

  17. Eric S says:

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the hysterical memories from high school. To this day I still think about Ms. Mattingly’s class and laugh. Praying for you and your family.

  18. Amy Smay says:

    My heart and prayers are with you and for the grace of the Lord to envelop you all with his Love, Compassion, and Grace. May peace and comfort be with you in your time of need. Amen.

  19. Kelsey Crowder says:

    The Crowder Family sends our love and prayers. We knew mark many years ago and his smile, motivation and compassion, will be remembered forever. We wish him and his family enduring strength and love now and for the years to come. As those we lose are never truly lost, but remembered in our hearts forever. We thank The Lord that we were blessed enough to know such an individual and are fortunate knowing his children will be here to spread his love throughout the world. He will be remembered and his memory cherished!

    With love and prayers,

    The Crowders (Shawn, Laura, Casey and Kelsey)

  20. Hannah says:

    Prayers for you, your sweet husband, and beautiful children. Praying for peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding.

  21. KIM PAUL says:

    Hi Anna

    I pray daily., I love you and Mark,., always on my mind. God will provide for all that we need.

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